Chillin’ With My Men


Our family is having a stay-cation week & we’re presently driving somewhere in Colorado, enjoying some close family time in the car. A person could get grumpy about this kind of activity, or a person could choose to see the gold. Here are some awesome things to remember when you’re not in a supremely blissful experience:

  • being close is a gift & personal space can be overrated ,)
  • time is irreplaceable: pages turn, chapters close & seasons conclude – enjoy the present
  • genuine love has an infinite variety of ways to be expressed so it’s good to be adaptable 🙂
  • I’m crazy grateful to get to “stay” in a car rather than travel in a plane – better family engagement 🙂



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Cristina Parodi

The time I spend with you !! Lord has nothing to do with mundane or with the realities of other nations Brothers and other pleasures , but for me it edificante.Tu make me grow in the three loves me – contigo.con them. Abba Father !! Blessings Sarah

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