Chasing Carrots

I’m in the midst of trying to lose some weight that I’ve put on over the course of the last year – blech. So of course I’ve been doing the exercise & more healthy eating thing & thankfully, I’m slowly making progress, which is rewarding 😉
But here’s something that I’ve been thinking about: we can put short term rewards in front of us for helpful motivation, but lets think in terms of something more long term. For example, it helps when I put on my pants, that it’s not quite the same wrestling match – but the long term goal is that I’m more consistent w my exercise & disciplined w my eating.
Lets consider letting the short term rewards position us for more long term benefits, and play lots of basketball in the meantime ,)


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As my brother the noted psychiatrist tells me there are only 5 ways to lose weight
#1 Every one knows – burn more calories (your imagination)
#2 Eat less
#3 Divorce
#4 Affair
#5 Death or loss of a loved one / Depression
and of course the miracle mode / Jesus, but in my experience you usually get the opportunity to walk (no pun intended) this one out.
Now you know another reason why the divorce rate is so high –
Oh and there is always onset diabetes, too
Good luck… Smile

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