Charm School

I was talking with my friend this morning about charm school & I’m thinking that maybe we all could use some charm school help, but not in the conventional thinking. Perhaps we could all use some charm school help with:
*being more thoughtful with our words and actions, particularly with people who work in service industries (baristas, waiters, police, flight attendants, hair stylists, etc)
*being quick to forgive & slow to judge
*teamwork more than narcissism
*selfless more than selfish

The best teacher for this type of charm school is the Holy Spirit particularly when we endeavor to be cooperative students 🙂



Excellent – the daily stuff / hmmm I failed at McDonalds the other day Uuugggh time to jump back into the training on 31 days to tame you tongue. Smile…

Charm Schools in the Name of the Lord can’t hurt.

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