Changing & growing :)

I had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday that seemed to be really out of character for them. I found this interesting because I often believe that it’s impossible to change the spots on a leopard. The problem with this way of thinking is that I can get really rigid in my attitude toward various people & not allow them to change in my thinking.
This is a really big problem because this way of thinking entirely ignores the transforming power of Jesus’ redemption for us. People can & do change, so lets be full of gratitude that God isn’t only helping us to grow & change, but God is also working on other people with redemptive & transforming power. Lets give each other the gift of space & grace to grow & change 🙂



Hmmm “from glory to glory – He’s changing me, well He’s changing me…His likeness and image to perfect me” I believe how the song and life goes. Smile sort of like the prverbial diamond that has to be cut in order to enjoy the sparkle?? That’s no fun hahaha.

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