Changing for the Good

Do you know someone in a transition time or find yourself in a season of change? Maybe you’re experiencing a transition in your job, your kids might be going back to school so, you might be starting school yourself or you could be experiencing a variety of other changes. Seems to me that life is more about change than not changing – the goal is to navigate change to be good & not harmful. Here are some ideas that could help:

  • Focus: keep your eyes on Jesus full stop; change can be overwhelming when we don’t keep our heart set on knowing Jesus more no matter what we might be going through
  • Flexible: sometimes changes force us to reshuffle our priorities & adapt to new situations & ways. Being rigid doesn’t help facilitate the adapting we might have to do
  • Fun: keep some levity around you; a healthy sense of humor can help change be less traumatic

My dad always said, “Every change with Jesus is a change for the better.” Sometimes in the middle of change its difficult to feel like it’s positive, but let’s trust that Jesus is the author & perfecter of our faith, helping us in every change!


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