Change can be frustrating, exhilarating, empowering, difficult & fun – all at the same time 🙂

Lots of things are in a state of flux right now, with uncertain outcomes.  This morning in my prayer time, i found myself thinking about a variety of things that are really bothering me at the present – areas needing & undergoing changes.  Unfortunately, these things seemed to get more of my attention than praying.  Now of course i brought these various issues to God & asked for His help, but i found myself still dwelling on these things & trying to figure out ways to fix & improve various situations.  When we’re in the middle of change (in small or big ways), its really easy to fixate on problems, needs, frustrations, etc. 

The truth is that we desperately need to focus on God, especially in seasons of change.  Lately, i’ve been reading about Paul & the shipwreck he endured in Acts 27.  Paul was in a tremendous season of stress & change – but if you watch his words & behavior, he was totally aware of his circumstances, but kept his eyes on God.  Truthfully, i don’t think he had any alternative. 

So here’s my bottom line – in the middle of change, we’ve got to keep our eyes, attention & heart set on God.  What are some things, actions, ways that help you do this???


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What’s most comforting in a time of change is to remember that God is unchangeable. Everything around us may be changing but God Himself remains the same. In a time of ‘change’ everything is insecure and uncertain but we can hold on to Him as our security and certainty. I like the picture of Peter when He was walking on the water; everything was so uncertain… the waves, the wind blowing, (I can only imagine the sound itself also – it must have been quite the ‘special effects’!). And yet, Jesus was there, He was the same ‘ever present help in time of trouble’. He was there cheering Peter on when his faith was ‘above water’, and He was still there when his faith went ‘under water’. And afterward the sun came shining on them again!
No matter what He’s there, and He’s unchangeable! Such comfort to know that in times of change!

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