cell phone survival

  This is my daughters cell phone. We bought it for her about 16months ago & it has survived the following calamities: being dropped down an elevator shaft, dropped in a street intersection, going through an entire cycle in the washing machine & other minor traumas. Surprisingly, it still works & she continues to happily text & talk on it even though it’s been kind of roughed up. 

Seems to me that sometimes our relationship with God gets some similar treatment. Sometimes we neglect God, accidentally drop God from our lives & put God through the wringer, so to speak. Nevertheless, God remains faithful, steady, loyal & devoted, all rich ingredients & descriptions of genuine love.  Furthermore, God is continuously communicating extravagant love to us throughout each day, even when we might feel a little roughed up from life. You are very important to & deeply loved by God 🙂

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yikes – gotta love technology

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