Celebrate Jesus!

Last night was one of the coolest evenings I’ve had in several years. Our church joined with 2 other churches to have a worship might with all 3 congregations. There were lots of things I thoroughly loved about the evening & probably my top favorite things are:
*unity – Jesus prayed when He was on earth that our Father would make us one like He & the Father are one. Experiencing some of the unity that Jesus prayed for was magnificent!
*worship versus performance – I totally loved getting to participate with my heart, soul, body & emotions to lift up Jesus, rather than sitting & watching excellent & skilled musicians make beautiful music
*fellowship – there’s nothing that can compete with genuine spiritual fellowship & communion with brothers & sisters in Christ – such rich heart food

What a great honor to lift up Jesus with other whole hearted believers!!



Lorraine Dale

I agree Sarah. Those are the most meaningful church times.

‘Whole hearted believers’… I want to always be a part of that group. Yah, a person can be a believer & not always doing it whole heartedly, but then they’re missing the rightness, peace & joy Jesus wants us to experience NOW. I want heaven on earth like the Lord instructed us to pray for..’on earth, as it is in heaven’.. He must intend for us to have it if He told us to pray it. I will be a Whole Hearted Believer Today.

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