cause & effect

When I was growing up, we had a trampoline in our backyard & I super enjoyed getting to jump, do tricks, play games & even lay on it to watch the clouds.  Our tramp was LOTS of fun!!  On the hurtful side, I learned very quickly about the painful effects of falling into the springs or landing on the steel frame or the mis-execution of a new trick – all very helpful lessons ,)

 With this idea, I’d like to encourage you to consider that many of our actions are a result of our thoughts.  With God’s help, if we consider what we think about (be that healthy or destructive thoughts), we can realistically look adjusting our actions, behaviors & attitudes to have more godly outcomes or effects in our lives.  Take an inventory of what you let yourself think about & be careful that you cultivate the thoughts that are in agreement with God’s Word 🙂


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Great post & so true! Before I rededicated my life back to Christ over 7 years ago- my negative thought life was literally sending me down a spiral of no return. BUT GOD! Through much time spent in the Word of God, I would make myself notecards to help me remember scriptures that would counter-attack when a negative thought would pop up in my mind. It helped me tremendously. Now I share that idea with others who have said it works for them too.

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