Car Maintence

The first car I owned, I worked & saved for 2 years to buy it when I was a teenager. I was really proud of my burnt orange 2 door VW rabbit, but I had no idea what I needed to do for the maintenance on it. Consequently, I never changed the oil on it & did no upkeep on it for 2 years. I knew about keeping gas in it, but nothing more than that.
Presently, I’m sitting in a car maintenance shop & waiting for them to change the oil. I’m also thinking about all the maintenance things I’ve learned, mostly by mistakes: tires, alignment, clutch & pressure plates, spark plugs, etc
Maybe life & our relationship w Jesus is a bit like car maintenance – fuel (salvation) is a basic essential, but for best results, it’s imperative to keep our relationship w Jesus fresh, the oil changed regularly, proper alignment so we dont wear out the tires prematurely & more. Better than that, maybe Jesus would like to use us for love, repairs, restoration & redemption. Just a few things to think about ,)


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