burn out

Sometimes in my life I feel like there’s too much journey and not enough Jesus.  I know that life is a journey and that we are encouraged to not grow weary in well doing.  I know that hardships and difficulties create strength, endurance and persistence.  I know that we’re supposed to encourage and strengthen ourselves in the Lord (like David did at Ziklag in 1 Sam).  But if I’m super honest, I also can feel like Elijah in 1 Kings 19, when the angel said that the journey was too much for him – too much journey and not enough Jesus.

But in this phrase, “too much journey and not enough Jesus”, there’s also the answer:  more of Jesus.  It seems to me that our journey in life doesn’t stop – it’s continual.  The quantity of Jesus in my life, however, can fluctuate (understanding that He never leaves us but that my engagement with Him can increase / decrease on any given day).  So let’s be sure that we never take a break from Jesus regardless of what’s happening on our journey in life 🙂



Excellant point, you know it used to be a real drudgery driving through Kansas 70 / Nebraska 80 until you took time to realize that all parts of the journey are beautiful if you just take time:
-to look around for things of beauty – golden grain
-listen to inspiraional music / tapes – praise time
-have a great traveling partner – fellowship
and if none of those work, then schedule that part of the journey for night Hahaha

Amen Sarah!

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