Break What’s Broken


This morning I read about how Jesus went into the temple in Jerusalem & totally flipped everything upside down. He upended the money changers tables & chairs, he compromised the pigeon sales for sacrifices, He made a whip & angrily confronted the religious leaders & all the while, little kids ran around the temple yelling out, “Hosanna to the son of David!” On top of all this chaos, that enraged the temple leaders, Jesus had the audacity to heal the blind & lame in the temple. As I read these verses in Matt 21 this morning, I began to picture the pandemonium that Jesus made & how He “broke” everything that the religious leaders had organized to “facilitate worship & connecting with God”. Jesus’ actions condemned their efforts & He broke what was already dysfunctional. 
Sometimes in our lives, we’ve come to accept as normal that which is broken & dysfunctional. Let’s be open to Jesus breaking what is already broken to help us live in greater health & deeper intimacy with Him. Broken needs fixing 🙂



Cristina Parodi

Porque cuesta tanto romper con lo roto lo viejo….por fe y alineacion aal Señor debemos hacerlo y dejar la autoconmiseracion y fariseismos…..Abba Padre…Besos Sarah

Amen, Sarah! So much in my life has been broken, for a very long time, however, may I never again be so self-absorbed by my situation(s) to miss opportunities to be helpful and a blessing to others. I am so thankful for finally maturing and the reality check of learning to live a purposeful life. I’m not where I need to be, however, I am continually working to get where I need to be. Many blessings to the many teachers of God’s word who have gotten me to where I am. Praise God!


Thanks very much for your feedback & insightful comment! Way to go!! 🙂

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