Black Friday

It’s interesting that we call today Black Friday & the day that Jesus died Good Friday – arevealing choice of adjectives for these respective events. 

Today is when lots of people do some Christmas shopping & the retail industry attempts to lure us with discounts, sales, bargains, etc. For many people, today is indeed Black Friday, a day to denote financial difficulties. On a more introspective note, Black Friday can often be an indication of black thinking: darkness in the mind about how we see ourselves, our achievements & value, various relationships, external expectations, etc. 

Instead of thinking of today as Black Friday, let’s celebrate that Jesus is the Light of the world & He has come into human existence to remove the darkness from our lives 🙂


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Cristina Parodi

Hi every day of my life thank the Lord your lorded and unconditional love and his merciful love. I am delighted to have been chosen by Him to bear witness to what he has done and how He has always been with me … No black Friday in my life !!!! Jesus is my Lord and Savior … My house and I serve the King of Kings !!!! Sara good weekend . blessings

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