Being Nervous

I’m not a big fan of being nervous. I usually mess stuff up when I’m nervous, make goofy mistakes & generally present myself poorly. I was on an important phone conversation earlier this week & I found myself getting nervous, stuttering, stumbling & sounding less than brainy :/
So what to do about being nervous? Here are a few helpful ideas:
*prepare ahead of time – usually my biggest downfall
*pray and ask God to give you peace
*stay focused on what’s immediate, not getting overwhelmed by what’s massive
*trust that God is bigger than your humanity & flaws – message out a mess, testimony from a test & redemption from rubble 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!!



That’s why the old timer’s sang “Standing on the Promises”, and “Count your many Blessings” exuberantly out of those long forgotten song books. Smile

Atlean Martin-Holloman

“The Circle Of Love – Prayerful Hope & Encouragement”
Reflection: “Being Nervous”

*Jesus Is The Center of Our Joy – Therefore, If We *Trust In HIM We Will NOT Become Nervous. “HE Keeps In Perfect Peace, Whose Mind Is Stayed ON HIM, Because They
TRUST IN HIM.” I Am Sending *JOY TO YOU; Everyone, For A Wonderful Weekend! 🙂

With Love & Gratitude ~
*Blessing You All,
Evangelist: @ The Prayer Corner

Thank you Pastor Sarah for this message. I often times forget to ask God for peace, as I figure well if I didn’t do well on a test in college, it was my own fault, wich it is, but I know God can still give us peace, the devil doesn’t want us to feel peace, and I forget this. Thank you for that reminder. You are truly a blessing to me. ps I look up to you alot and I hope you know that. Julie

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