Being Forgetful

Ever struggle to remember stuff? All of us can likely recall something important we’ve forgotten: maybe you’ve forgotten to collect a kid from school or you missed an important appointment. One of the symptoms of having a concussion is some shortfalls with memory. This is a polite way to say that I keep forgetting stuff since getting a concussion recently from a snowboarding accident. Thankfully, people are generally understanding, but it’s definitely frustrating to me. But alas, there are also some advantages to being forgetful. Consider some of the things below:

  • God helped Joseph forget the troubles from the past – Gen 41:51
  • We have permission to forget the things behind us & press forward – Phil 3:13
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to remember what Jesus says (John 14:26) & I’m praying that the Holy Spirit helps me remember lots more as well! 


klarida shehu

hi Sarah I did ordered three books online on the website but 13 days now i have not receive them ,can you let me know please ?


Thanks for the input Karida! Please feel free to call customer service to check on your order: TOLL-FREE 1-888-637-4545
or email & they can help with this.

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