Being Contagious

Something I’ve noticed is that often one of my kids gets sick, that bug can sometimes work it’s way through our family. I’ve also noticed that when I walk down an airplane aisle & smile, people tend to smile back. These observations have caused me to be more aware about how I can be contagious either positively or negatively – but the choice is mine. I can be an agent of positive or negative influence. I can be constructive or I can be hostile or destructive but God has given us, as individuals, the power to make such decisions. So lets be positively contagious, spreading joy, hope & love 🙂




Oh Sarah! You are definitely CONTAGIOUS! You always have been to me, along with your precious mother! Your love of God, the ministry & absolute love for the Word is so inevitable! Whenever I hear you teach, it makes me want to know even more! You are just amazing!

yes Sarah you are certainly an inspiration ! thank you 🙂

Thoreau, Waldo, Emmerson or one of those said, “In order for a project to succeed or fail depends on the amount of enthusiasm that you interject” or something like that – but the hard part of being contagious or enthusiastic is when you are called to be corrective to a friend, child, or peer. And you go “really God”. One of the toughest agendas is learning to be a child’s parent – loving and not necessarily their friend when you have to set curfews, or boundaries, then enforce them. Yuck, but take out the emotional card and remember to be contagious, enthusiastic , but firm. Talk to the hand , Ouch! Smiles

Alice Jackson

Spreading those positive bugs. 😉

Hi Sarah, thanks for the reminder. It’s amazing how easily we forget our influencial power to those around us, whether it be in our family, in the mall of whilst flying in the air. I catch myself far too often walking around so deep in thought, concerning myself with only myself that I forget to look up and just give a friendly smile or nod. Many times healing in our own souls also comes when we take the focus off ourselves and look into the eyes of another.

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