Because I’m Happy

I really like the Pharrell Williams song, “Happy” because it’s perky, fun, bright & upbeat! Whenever it plays, it cracks me up & makes me smile big! While I totally love this song, I let it remind me that my happiness isn’t only based on my surroundings, or the events around me. Rather, my happiness is based more on my decisions & choices I make with my thinking. Clearly, Pharrell Williams song “Happy” can be really helpful, but let’s remember that our happiness is internally moderated more than externally manipulated 🙂




That’s really a good one for men’s retreats – most men I know want to blame circumstances on everything but themselves. May not just be a masculine trait but most of the abuse centers seem to be filled with guys who just don’t get it. Hmmm okay again I have to put my rock down haha. Great insight Sarah

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