Be the Difference!

This morning I enjoyed some very tasty chai some where in rural Bangledesh. As my friends and I waited for the gentleman to make the chai, a crowd accumulated around us as we were definite novelties. A person could get jittery surrounding by curious strangers with no communication possibilities. Then add on that we were the only females in the group & a person could be intimidated, even scared.

But I’ve found that being friendly & fun can make these kinds of situations into loads for fun everyone! Furthermore, if a person doesn’t take themselves too seriously it’s even more entertaining for everyone!

Let’s be the difference in our world – full of light, love, joy & LIFE!!



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May God continue to watch over you Sarah. Thank you for being the eyes for me to see what you’re seeing since I don’t currently travel. Thank the Lord for a warriors willing to put themselves out there in dangerous and unsavory conditions to help the least of these. Bless their little souls Lord.

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