Be Not Afraid

Easier said than done, like many things. It’s easy for a person who has fabulous people skills to tell a struggling introvert, “Don’t be afraid!” It’s easy for an expert skier to tell a beginner, “It’s not as steep as it looks, don’t be scared!”
Many years ago I sat on a plane across the aisle from a lady who didn’t travel much. We were on a small commuter plane & the turbulence was fun for me but terrorizing for her. While I was enjoying the roller coaster ride, I saw the color drain from her face & her knuckles get whitey, tighty. I could tell she was getting thoroughly freaked out & I knew she was a hair stylist so I started talking with her about her profession. “What’s your favorite thing to do, cut hair, dye it? What do you most enjoy?” Then I asked how she came to be a hair stylist, who were her favorite clients & why she liked them, etc. 

we had a nice chat while the plane landed. Once I knew we were safely on the ground, I asked if she was ok, she looked outside, saw that we landed & breathed a sigh of relief. Then she realized what I’d done, distracting her from being afraid with our pleasant & engaging conversation. 

I think the Holy Spirit wants to be this for us with things that make us afraid, talking us throughout success & overcoming šŸ™‚


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EL espĆ­ritu santo nos da la alternativa de poder ver y ir a nuestro padre y no caminar el camino de hormiguitas equivocado….el nos da sustento para una fe acorde hijo de SeƱor

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