be gentle with yourself

Last week, I returned from an extremely compressed trip to Cambodia with Saving Moses and it’s been an interesting return.  I thought that because the trip was so short (I was in country for like 48 hours) that I’d have a relatively easy re-entry into my regular home routine (sleep, etc).  Not so much.  My sleep has been really messed up, my routines have been whacked out & my emotions have been pretty messy.  All this can get me even more wound up & stressed out – making things even more intense.

But alas, I find that God is an ever present help and is eager to carry me rather than add on more pressures and burdens.  Sometimes we need to be gentle with ourselves and always let God help us in our weaknesses, humanity & struggles 🙂



What an awesome and timely WORD!

Thanks, Diane

Praying for peace for you and for protection over you. I loved watching the program about worry today. God bless you.

Hi Sarah, great work God is doing in saving moses. I think we need that kind of ministry in Lagos, Nigeria.

Benedict Seshibedi

You are saying the most important message in(my soul) to me. we have to trust God first in every situation nor prescription. GOD IS AMAZING! Though it seems that we do not deserve some other Grace HE keeps on providing. I will forever serve HIM. Thank U Sarah, may HE bless you as you talk about HIM.

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