Be Gentle


Celebrate!!!! No puking & no migraines – YAHOOO!! I’m starting to get back into working out & in typical Sarah fashion, I want to go from 0-Mach 3 in a split nanosecond. This strategy has backfired on me in the past & resulted in some less than desirable outcomes. So on this go around, I’m being more patient & gentle with myself & voila, no migraines or puking!
I’m taking this lesson to heart for other areas of my life as well – less harsh, rigid & impatient with my family, work, friends, decisions, responsibilities, etc. 

Maybe when we are gentle with ourselves, we let God’s love massage it’s way into our hearts with healthy transformation, at God’s pace 🙂



Oh my, I can so relate. Its been an uphill battle for me to learn to be a lot less rigid, harsh and impatient, but I’m getting there, thank the Lord! Balancing my life was a huge part of this. Amen!

Me too! Sometimes it’s tricky for sure :/

lo declaro y lo tomo Señor por intercesion de la Hermana Sarah, se que moras en mi casa mi persona y mi casa …mi hijaa somos fieles a i…esperamos tu decision!!!!abba padre!!!

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