Be a Hero!

Sometimes the word “hero” conjures up ideas of someone who is larger than life – maybe a superhero like Captain America or Thor, from the Avengers. So there’s this kind of silent default thinking that happens in my mind that I’ll never be that amazing, so don’t even try. When I think this way, I quietly give myself permission to be self absorbed, detached & ultimately anti-heroic. 
Being a hero can most certainly be the person who does massive & sacrificial things. But I think that being a hero is more about a mindset than a one-time action. Being a hero can happen in actions of all sizes. A hero in our world is a person with a hero’s point of view: sacrificial, generous, encouraging, affirming, engaged, minimal or devoid of complaints & criticisms. Let’s consider that a hero is a lot about how we think & not just what we do 🙂

Saving Moses has an awesome opportunity for you to be a hero 🙂


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the point of view of a hero : sacrifice , generous, encouraging, affirming , committed , minimal or lacking in complaints and criticisms. Let’s consider a hero is a lot about how we think and not only what we do : ) …. I think the faithful and remain loyal to the Lord and his word is a heroism lived anointing joined more blessing !! even pass tests ! good weekend . blessings

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