We had a trampoline when I was growing up & I really loved learning tricks to do on the tramp. The only exception was when I tried to learn a back flip & wound up unconscious on the ground. As a result, to this day I have this innate opposition to anything backwards (back flips on diving boards, backstroke, reverse driving, etc). But here’s an interesting thing that I’m pondering: I wonder if my reliance on the Holy Spirit isn’t stronger when I do things that don’t seem as easy or natural to me. It seems like when I find things to be easy, I tend to rely less on the Holy Spirit than when things are difficult. While this initially feels awkward & uncomfortable, I wonder if there’s not huge spiritual benefits to doing some things in a less easy or natural progression. Maybe the Holy Spirit leads us in ways, on occasion, that don’t seem as natural, convenient or easy as we’d like. 

I still don’t do backflips ,)



que real…es algo que admiro en ti Sarah lo no farisea que eres
, lo presta a dar una ministracion, a ser respetuosa de los tiempos del SeƱor….todos alineamos con El,,,pero el espiritu santo que mora en todos….uuummmmm formo parte de intercesion en RDR Belgrano es increible…la caantidad de hermanos que pida o interceda por ataques de panico….o por no perdon a los viejo….pero todos somos vasijas a pulir. Besossss

You are on point with this Sarah! The more difficult the situation or task the more I lean on the Holy Spirit and when they things are to easy sometimes I just do it without going to God at all and our Father wants us to lean on and go to Him for EVERYTHING .
Thank you Sarah and God Bless you .

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