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Its been awhile since I’ve talked about culinary efforts (I considered blogging about cutting off part of the tip of my thumb last month while dicing onions – but alas, I changed my mind).  So, here’s what’s on the horizon:  presently, I’m baking a chicken.  Now truth be told, my baked chicken is like playing russian roulette.  Sometimes its great & sometimes it can be deadly.  My mom even tried to help me w some advice – 350 degrees for 2 hrs.  She doesn’t really care for my baked chicken – my kids, well since its always different, they haven’t formulated an established opinion.  As for Reece, he just tries to be supportive & bites his tongue.  So why do I bake chickens, you may ask. 

wanna be

wanna be

I’d consider myself an adventuresome sort & always up for change.  Furthermore, I guess I think its just one of those kitchen cooking things I think I’m supposed to be able to do after 15 yrs of marriage.  Last time I baked a chix, I told myself I’d never do it again – but here we are on the precipice of the baked chix dinner.  So I have 2 remaining questions for you:

  1. any suggestions on how to bake a chix?
  2. should I just quit trying & give up baked chix?


One problem I’ve always had is the chicken being way to dry. So I did and experiment one night and I rubbed olive oil all over the chicken and sprinkled Mrs. Dash over it than I put about 1 cup of chicken broth in the roasting pan.

That chicken came out so moist, it was so delicious. Plus I got rave reviews from my family which was a nice bonus.

those are great ideas!!! Thanks for the help! my chix actually turned out pretty well & I made gravy w it as well, that was a real hit! 🙂

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