Baby Steps

In my work with Saving Moses, I get to experience lots of baby steps. This is because we look out for the most urgent needs for babies / toddlers where the care is least available. So I find myself in all kinds of interesting places & situations, looking out to save babies, often in the most literal ways. 
One of the things that we love getting to do with Saving Moses is our nightcare work in third world countries where we take care of the babies & toddlers of prostitutes while they work. Our nightcare work provides a safe refuge for these babies from experiencing many of the horrible things that happen in brothels & red light districts. But developing the places & relationships to provide nightcare only happens, in my experiences so far, in baby steps. 

This leads me to ask that you would be praying for me & the team with me as we take such baby steps in an extremely important third world country. 

Thanks muchos & have an awesome weekend!!


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Hermosa obra de amor de mujeres frutos espíritu plenas!!! mejor testimonio del Señor y misericordia, consuelo no puede existir…mujeres abnegadas y valientes….El Señor bendice con Gracia a sus Hijos que lo aman y trascienden con amor y carácter alfareado…Buen fin de semana!!!

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