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I think that it’s really important from time to time to get some fresh perspective on life & the world in which we live. Today has been a day of fresh perspective for me. I’ve met heroic & legendary moms & dads who are doing everything in their power to keep their babies alive. But I also met a mom today who was extremely discouraged & I’m deeply concerned that she may have given up hope. Her baby, Josephine, is only 10 months old but is extremely sick & close to dying. Her mom, Miciah, brought her to our malnutrition clinic to receive milk & medical help but was herself not feeling well. We took a short break for lunch & upon returning to the clinic, I started looking for Miciah & Josephine but couldn’t find them. As I asked around, the nurse said that Miciah had left the clinic w Josephine & the nurse strongly encouraged mom to stay. Miciah left, regardless of the nurse’s appeals & we don’t have a way to track them down – no address or phone number. I have tremendous concern for Josephine because she was not doing well at all. Please remember to pray for her – I’ve attached her picture so you can please remember her. The lesson for all of us is to never surrender hope.




Your TV broadcast yesterday was about Gideon and the 300.
Yeshua said two or more.
I’m quite sure you have at least that many followers?
I have every faith what you have asked will happen.
Warrior Sarah!

Alice Jackson

Oh my goodness! It never gets easy does it? I am praying that Josephine and her mom come back. I know this weighs heavily on you. Let God lift your heart and concerns. He is with Josephine and her mom wherever they are. Mom doesn’t realize you were her saving grace. Maybe it’s not too late. In either case, my prayers are flowing their way. Blessings to you as well. We miss you!!!!

Jesus is there , ministering angels are there, HIS will is being done

Jessica Dwyer

Father please give Micah the hope she so desperately needs in her life right now. Lay on her heart that Sarah and the other caregivers are serving her needs out of the deep love they SO want to share with her and Josephine. Please keep the connection alive between Micah and the clinic so that she will be drawn back into the presence of loving spirits and gentle hands that will give her and Josephine the care they need in body and spirit. Father, you tell us to ask big so I’m also asking that you perform a miracle of restoration in her life so that she will have no doubt you are the one that looks after her. Let her experience Your love in a new way that will totally transform her belief in You. Humbly we pray in Jesus name, Amen

Wendy Brooks

Will pray that the Holy Spirit lead her back to you all speedily so that her and her baby can receive the necessary medical assistance and spiritual counseling needed. Thanks for the updates.

deborah graves

Praying for them to return, putting the mom and baby in abba father care.

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