Awful to Awesome

Here in Cambodia, I get to experience awful all the way to awesome & usually all in the same day. This particular trip is even more interesting on the heels of recovering from a concussion. I don’t like that my memory isn’t as reliable, I don’t like the sleep challenges that are more difficult than usual, I don’t like feeling my brain get tired & I don’t like feeling like I’m in continual slow motion. 
But here’s some awesome: I’ve never travelled with a more surrendered group of people committed to expressing Jesus, full stop. I’m experiencing heaps & heaps of grace that keeps me in a perpetual state of gratitude. Finally, I feel like I’m on the cusp of some explosive opportunities that God is about to open. 

Seems to me that redemption is all about take the awful & God turning it into awesome – for you life to be sure!!


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Alissa Diego

May God Supply the ministry with supernatural provision in the Mighty Name of Jesus

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