Attitude Effects Altitude

If the truth be known, I have to really mind my attitude in the holiday season. Unfortunately, I find it easy to get cranky, impatient & snarky. I tend to try & justify this stuff saying I’m tired, I have lots of extra work, etc. But I want to do better this year & I want to manage my attitude more than letting it manage me. For me, the best way to accomplish this is to ask God for help as frequently as possible, along w memorizing a few Bible verses. Attitude affects altitude 🙂



Yes, I remember your mom always teaching, “your attitude determines your altitude.”

Yep and we are all grateful forGod’s grace, but it seems that if you just let up just a little, then the adversary takes it a mile and says it’s ok.
Dedication to our calling
Dedication to daily living
Dedication to the Word

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