Around the world: Ethiopia – by Isabell

In Ethiopia, I experienced Jesus alot! I disovered it was a very poor country because of the people didn’t seem to have very much & the some of the kids didn’t have parents.  My favorite thing about Ethiopia was getting to help other kids!

I went to see king Menelik’s pic & crown in the museum.  It was very awesome.  I also got to see the oldest, most complete human skeleton in the world, named “skeleton Lucy”.  I hope you will help us raise money for water wells that we want to help drill.



Isabell, You rock.

I agree! 😉

I remember learning about Lucy in school! I think it’s awesome that you got to go see her! It sounds like God is already using you in great ways Isabell, and because He is a God of increase, that must mean you have a BIG future in store for you!!!

Hello Isabell,
It a great priviledge to be able to help those who need us most; those who will remember us long after we are gone. The beauty of life is to spend it on something worthwile just like you are doing. You are great baby keep rocking

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