Are You Puzzled?

My son & I finished a puzzle during Spring Break & I always enjoy the time with my son as well as the therapy of engaging in an entirely different kind of activity that promises a successful outcome. In my thinking, much of life is like a puzzle – sometimes there seem to be random pieces that don’t look like they belong nor fit. Let’s understand that God knows the big picture, how the pieces for together, as well as the middle, edges & timing for the most breathtaking outcomes beyond description. We are all masterpieces in the making!! 🙂




Great analogy…and what’s more amazing is how God made all of the chemical releases, in our body for stress, anxiety, love, peace, excitement many of which few of us master or allow them to master us but they all become part of the pieces of the puzzle.

Ronald Amanyire

Thanx Sarah for this encouragement. I have been asking God a lot of questions about what am going thru, this gives me an answer. God knows what He is doing. God Bless and keep it up

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