Another Bail Out :)

We all have busy lives & I genuinely want to do a good job being a mom, wife, encourager & human. So this afternoon, I accidentally double booked myself, again. I hate it when I do this, but when I got in the middle of this potential train wreck, the Holy Spirit came through, again to bail me out. The conflicting appointments got sorted out with a minimum of consternation & no injuries 🙂
The Holy Spirit reminds me yet again, that I earnestly need His help, maybe the most when I’m totally clueless. He swoops into my life & “saves the day” yet again 😀



Alice Jackson

Thank God for the Holy Spirit! Pardon the pun! Blessings. :^)

That’s the beauty and the benefit of believin’. Now faith is….combining your natural with God’s “Super” having faith for the “supernatural”. Amen and Amen – Move that Mountain!!

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