Angola – so powerful

I’m sitting here reflecting about this trip to Angola & I have so many thoughts & emotions running around in me right now.
We captured on video & pix some of the best work that has ever been doing w saving Moses – massive complements to Steve & Todd w great thanks to their fantastic wives, Jamie & Carrie.
The richness of experience on this trip has been extremely vast. One of our friends asked us last night what 1 main thing that we’re taking home. My answer was that I was able to get a 1st hand look at infant mortality in the eye. I’m still kind of reeling & processing from our experiences overall, but also from a very specific day. I think I need to wait for a day or so before attempting to communicate some of these events bc it’s all very raw in me right now. So pls come back to this blog bc I’m planning to share more about some of these experiences.
In the meantime, thanks so much for all of the prayer, support, encouragement that everyone has expressed – it’s been HUGELY helpful to me in a very personal level


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