An encouraging challenge

Sometimes I can get discouraged when I look at problems that seem to have no answers & sometimes I can get overwhelmed by some challenges that seem insurmountable. Ever feel the same? During my prayer time this morning, I was reminded about how God had a sheep waiting for Abraham when he was about to sacrifice Isaac. This story reminds me that God has solutions, provisions & wisdom waiting for me when various needs can become urgent. In the meantime, rather than fretting, getting stressed out & uptight about various problems, I can change my thinking to being grateful & appreciative that God has already provided answers & resources. When I’m thankful, I’m a better traveling companion with God during the journey of life rather than being stressed out 🙂



At least for me when I have the same situation (s) or a lot of them it is back to the basics. Matthew 6: 24-34. It is sooooo easy to try and get out in front of God. Then sometimes the phrase does pop-up “How long O’Lord” Smile.

Thank you very much, I really need that word of encourage, God bless you and your family

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