an eclectic life – anyone do prayer?

Ok, so here’s what’s happening today:

  • crossing guard in the morning for David & Bell’s school
  • coordinating painter’s sched to get into the house
  • staying w Benji for his 1st day of jr kindergarten
  • working on Jesus’ words about prayer in the sermon on the mount for Wed’s message
  • working on Sunday’s sermon
  • meeting a friend for coffee
  • start greek tonight

I’m excited for Philippians tomorrow too!!  Hope you’re having a great day!!

In  the next few days i’m going to blog on prayer – would LOVE your input with this!!!!




Somewhat off topic but don’t know where to post this. Been reading your book, “How to Keep Your Faith in an Upside Down World.” I’m in at lesson 2 and it’s very moving to me personally; a lot to think about concerning my life, views, mindset… etc. And not to mention the history lesson I’ve been receiving !! Noticed a couple of typos in the print (I’m a grammar freak, sorry). There was one part early on where one paragraph was double-printed and some punctuation was off somewhere else. It’s like finding Waldo in the Where’s Waldo books for me — lol!

I’m very intrigued at the end of each chapter to keep pressing on in the reading (and that’s good considering I’m not much of a reader). I know God has big plans for my life and for my family, and I think God is using this book to really help me align my mindset and heart. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Well, have a blessed day! SMILE 😀

ROCK ON!!!!! Hey, can you leave a review for the book at amazon? that would be AWESOME!!! be a revolutionary! 😉

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