Advice for Constructive Conflict

For whatever reason, this week has had an over abundance of conflict & almost none of it with low intensity, it’s all been high grade volatile & even borderline destructive. So today is a good day to take a deep breath & look for some sunshine. In the meantime, here are a few take aways I’ve acquired from this week in dealing with conflict, constructively (operative word):
*being reactive can often make things worse
*listen to understand rather than argue
*disagree but don’t disrespect
*appreciate that the other persons / side has some valuable points of view
*seek common ground rather than retreating into hostility, aggression or worse apathy, isolation & passivity

What has helped you manage conflict constructively? Please share so we can all get better with your wisdom 🙂


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Misskrista Young

This is such a timely message. The past week really has been a trying one. I got the best results when I retreated into a calm place within myself and decided to become excited about how God was going to handle it because trying it myself just wasn’t working. Relying on him when I can’t make it work has been everything.

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