Advertising & Marketing

We are all very popular. Everyone wants to get our attention. But ultimately, what businesses want even more than our attention is our money & they go to elaborate efforts to engage us for this treasure.
But here’s God’s crazy advertising scheme: send His only son, “disguise” Him as a human, empower Him to express genuinely transformational love & then let Him be brutally murdered. To secure humanity’s attention, God raised His son from the dead – now that’s some premier marketing & advertising. But God’s ultimate goal isn’t your money but rather your heart for a deeply satisfying & fulfilling relationship with the Creator of the universe. Skip the marketing hype & surrender to real love 🙂



Right on Sarah!

Ok – so the challenge is “can we be like the transformed Ebenezer Scrooge and show real love, beginning with the Christmas season?” Or, are we caught up with the festivities – the parental ritualism and guilt of keeping up with the Jones’s kids, or blessing everyone? Selah

Good stuff Sarah. I appreciate your teachings.

So explain to me again the difference between most churches and businesses??
Just kidding haha. Merry Christmas or does Happy Holidays include Hanekkah, too? Hmmm

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