Admit it!!!

The Bible is filled with people who didn’t want to admit their failures, weak spots, shortcomings & downfalls, starting with Adam who deflected his blame for eating the forbidden fruit to Eve.  When God confronted Cain, Adam & Eve’s son, about his sinful intentions toward his brother Abel, Cain also tried to wiggle out of the confrontation with the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  I could keep going with lots more examples (Aaron, Saul, Judas, etc) but my point is that by not owning their garbage & getting honest with God about their junk, they painted themselves into an ineffective and opaque corner.  Each of them had lots of potential but their potential was compromised from their lack of honesty.

The counter-examples are equally as powerful.  Consider David, after his downfall with Bathsheba and how he owned his garbage in Psalms 51.  While they lost the child that came from the affair, let’s also consider that their next child, Solomon, was the king of Israel during it’s most powerful time in history.  If you think about Paul in the New Testament, he’s the guy that said he was the chief of sinners in 1Timothy 1 and how the grace of God was powerful enough to change him, who was a very fallen and love-less man.  Paul was tremendously & powerfully used by God after he humbled himself and let God change his heart.

For each of us, let’s sidestep the denial and deception trap and live in synch with the Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus calls the Spirit of Truth 🙂



It’s truly a shame that we try to tone out the Lord speaking to us. When we were young it was “your conscience speaking” but actually the Holy Spirit, then as we go on we quit listening…Hhhmmm.

Sarah, you are a freshness in the body of Christ! I love your wonderful Mom for ages, and as I have began to read your blog, I’m hooked! 🙂 Thanks the Lord for both of you!

Tamara! Thanks so much for your kind comments! Super glad you’re enjoying my posts 🙂
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Thanks again!!!

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