addiction that’s healthy

I like, I want, I need.  Simple progression that can have disasterous results.  You can apply these 3 words (like, want & need) to lots of things:  food, shopping, sex, reading, a relationship, drinking, snowboarding, . . . pick your own fav.  I had this progression well refined with people, so I became proficient in co-dependant relationships.  Great sadness, pain & destruction was the result. 

So how can we have a healthy addiction, given our human tendency to extremism?  Point the like, want, need paradigm in the right direction – the direction with truth.  Point this progression to Jesus because the reality of being human is that we’re designed to like Jesus, we’re designed to want Him & the core reality of being human is that we need Jesus.  Turn to Jesus, bend to Jesus and crave Him.  The older I get, the more I sense my need for Him.  I wonder what this will be like when I’m 55, 62, 70. . . .?  Truthfully, I’m a very needy person and accepting this state has been very liberating.  What I really need is Jesus.


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