a word of caution

Generally, I don’t consider myself to be overly cautious.  I like to race my grocery cart in the parking lots, I like to snowboard super fast, I like to travel to remote places, and I like to take on challenges, usually.  But here’s something to be careful about, that’s been rolling around in my mind of late:

Be careful that you don’t limit God based on your understanding

I know that God has given us a brain & that we’re supposed to use it to bring maximum glory to God.  I know that many of us have amazing talents and abilities with our brainpower, analysis skills and learning abilities.  There can be, however, a down side to relying solely on our brains for interacting with God.  I believe that our brains are designed to function and excel in a finite and concrete world.  When we try to use our brains to understand God, I think this is when we can get fuzzy and murky.  Of course we must use our brains as much as possible, but connecting with God can’t be limited solely to our brains.  It’s been my experience that most of the deepest connections I have with God go beyond my brain & begin to explore the regions of the heart.  To me, that’s the greatest adventure of my life 🙂



Lorraine Dale

I remember your mother teaching that our soul is our mind and emotions {heart}.Since God wants our souls to be with Him when we die, He expects no less here on earth. If we have not love we are a sounding brass and tinkling symbol. Serving God with only our brain will never work, He wants our whole soul. Thankyou Sarah, I have a new perspective on how much God values our love.

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