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Greetings!  This is just a quickie thought that could possibly help you during those seasons that seem insanely busy.  Last night, I took a walk after dinner & was talking with God about the sermon that I’m giving tonight.  I was hoping that on my walk God would give me some direction for tonight’s topic because I was feeling that this preparation was getting ENTIRELY TOO LATE!!!!!!  Despite my recurring requests, I didn’t feel that God was giving me any direction for tonight’s topic and at the end of the walk, I let Him know that I was disappointed in His “poor performance”.  To my frustration, I felt He replied with 2 answers:

  • in my conversations with God (some people call this prayer), I don’t always get to control the agenda or topic for discussion.  Indeed, when God seems to not be answering a question or a request, I need to consider that He has a different purpose or agenda for the time that we are sharing
  • the timing for God’s answers is in His hands and I can rest assured that God is never late – this has certainly been confirmed to me this morning since the preparation for tonight seemed to be compressed into possibly the most efficient sermon prep time I’ve ever experienced

My take-aways:  God is sovereign and sufficient 🙂



You already know what your sermon/sharing is about “life”, which you are soooo good at sharing. You remind me of Tevye always talking to God http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRdfX7ut8gw even if it is about the good and bad of our daily life’s traditions 🙂

Gee I realize now the mindset I have, has been SET and falling short even stumped, yet with just a few words from God’s HOLY SPIRIT SHARED FROM ONE TO ANOTHER I have new branches to grow new insights to ponder . Sarah your experiences with God that you share are at times so helpful to me. I continue to thank the Lord for you and your mom and also pray He always keeps you both safe. You both touch so many many hearts by the Living Word of God-Jesus Christ !


I appreciate your tweets alot. Thanks. The last sermon I preached God told me “if the LORD doesn’t build the house those that labor, labor in vain” then on Saturday night at around midnight I adopted an attitude of “God if I don’t get anything specific itis okay I will relax and be myself” I laid down to sleep and then the sermon came! And it was good and easy too!


Ty… Happen to me too! 🙂

ok so your going down the walk and you ask God – “Hey got any suggestions?” Nothing in response, “huh?” Let’s see there are those 2 great commandments to talk about -yeah God, got anything else?” Nope, I mean something to maybe top savingmoses? “Nope” Just got the same’0 same’0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLGWyfGk_LU

Tadd Walker

Thanks Sarah. Needed this today!

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