a snowy day

Welcome to the month of May!  In Denver, it’s snowing today & while that may seem out of synch with the Spring season, it is nevertheless, an extremely beautiful day.  Yesterday was also a beautiful because it was sunny with chirping birds and bright air.

In my mind, we can find beauty in every day.  We can find beauty in the trees, the wind, faces that we see, songs of birds, wind chimes and much more.  Today reminds me that even though the snow isn’t exactly congruent with the season, there is beauty everywhere and in every season 🙂



Dear Sarah, I am so drawn to you and your mother’s messages. You bring such a light in my dark days and helping me keep knocking on my locked door to God. I was baptized as a baby but raised without any religion in the home or in my heart. Five years ago God called to me-but instead of going to God I was put in the hospital for a mental breakdown. I’ve been medicated and put thru it all thru these past 5 years. But I still have a thirst and rapid beat in my soul to keep coming to Jesus. I hope one day Jesus will answer my knocking- but until then I’ll keep trying and listening and learning. Thank you for being such a inspiration to me and the rest of the world.
Love and Peace to you and your family.

I enjoy the beauty of each season as well.

Lee Jackson

And, in every face our Father graces us to meet!


That’s why God did a better work on the help-mate creation to remind the first creation of such, and then to actualize it. Smile

idell stelly

The sound of the wind chimes tells me of the Father’s good pleasure as i come into his presence, serving Him, in the Holy of Holies… Like the bells on the priests robes. The sound of His approval. Such a sweet sound that i desire to hear daily.

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