a sneaky trap

I read this morning about Adam & Eve getting tricked by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  I found it interesting to consider that the serpent tried to create a doubt in Eve’s mind about the goodness and intentions of God.  In the serpent’s conversation with Eve, he made it sound like God was holding out on something good by not allowing them to eat from this one particular tree.

I find this to be an interesting trap that the devil continues to use on us to this day – that when God says “no” to something, that God is holding back something good from us.  Let’s consider that if God says no to a situation or request that we’ve made, God has something better than what we would’ve settled for.  When God says “no”, we can trust that God is protecting us from something awful and has something significantly better in mind for us 🙂



Hmmm that’s a tough one when you have to pull out the “Be thankful for all things…” card. But, we all know as parents what the kids want verses what’s best is not always the same, but still a tough one to put into perspective other than faith thing hahaha.

I hope i can remember that Sarah.

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