A rock and a hard place

Ever have those seasons where your back is against the wall & there seems to be no way out? I think Moses felt that way when Pharoah was chasing the Israelites & they were facing the Red Sea. Occasionally, I feel this way as well and sometimes when I’m in these predicaments, it’s easy to get discouraged. But here are a few things that have been helpful to me:
*keep my eyes on Jesus & off of what seems impossible (Ps 25:15)
*pray gratitude prayers, thanking God for Their amazing presence, power & solutions
*do the immediate thing that is the next step – sometimes we get overwhelmed w big things, but taking 1 step can be easier to do
*manage the people inputs in your life – faith, encouragement & confidence are essential ingredients to combat doubt & fear

Do you some ideas that have been helpful to you in seemingly grim situations? Please feel free to comment 🙂



sometimes it helps me to focus on one verse from the bible. “BE STILL and KNOW that I AM God” has helped. I just keep repeating it … over and over and over.

I take a real deep breath and exhale slowly, walking by faith and not by sight.

First thing, I REMAIN certain of God’s ultimate goodwill. I try my best to maintain the best practice epitomized in the new covenant with Jesus at the core. If I keep finding it unbearable, I act in line with the recognition of my personal freedom in Christ to fairly seek true and timeous redress of grievances, unless God specifically shows me that it is His will for me specifically. In any case, I try my best to maintain biblical righteousness in my deeds and entrust matters of judgment to the absolutely fair God Most High Our Father, the Almighty; but divine judgment is most especially the very last resort. Rather I recognize that judgment on another person is of no benefit at all to me except when it is the only way to bring an immediate stop to ongoing cruelty. Even then, recognizing God’s omnipotence, I would rather God comprehensively helps me by overriding the principles being misused by the perpetrators, and my being granted divine enablement to escape or overcome them without harming the innocent or anyone disproportionately and in fact, even without harming anyone at all. I also recognize that there will be eternal rewards for anything I lose or suffer in the cause of righteousness. And God prefers that we pray for their repentance, salvation and blessing. But I still fully recognize that serving God is about righteously overcoming the challenges we face to achieve the dreams,goals and ministries God has granted us by his Holy Spirit.

I have also been freshly impressed by the need for complete faith in God regarding the specific issues that concern me and my prayers, NOT JUST HOPE, as important as that is. But faith is what especially clinches what we hope for, being CERTAIN of God’s answer. As long as we abide in Christ and His word abides in us, John 15:7 says ASK WHATEVER YOU WISH. And my wish, which I am praying for, is that Sarah will send me an e-mail! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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