a quick secret to stay happy :)

When I woke up my son today to get ready for school, he wasn’t happy by a long shot.  He was cranky & grumpy and unfortunately, by the time he got in the car, he was still in the doldrums – a very yucky way to start off on a Monday morning 🙁

We all have times, seasons, days and moments when we are grumpy & here’s a potential quick fix:  be thankful.  Rather than looking at the grumpy stuff (back to school, bills, tired, physical pain, hardship, emotional stressors, relationship difficulties, job / school challenges . . . . ), take some moments to be thankful.

Thank God:

  • that the sun came up this morning
  • for the oxygen that we breath
  • that God’s love is vast yet personal
  • that God is both faithful and good
  • for a nice blog to give you this helpful reminder ,)


Or start out every service with a reminder jingle of “Count your Blessings”, where did that music go to anyway. We’re such spoiled little brats. Did Jesus for a moment think, I’m dying for what -these spoiled little brats who don’t believe they need me or my father, and hardly ever any gratitude to Mr. Holy Ghost … But today right now is a great opportunity to work that into the daily schedule – YEAH GOD!!!

And thankful we woke up because some did not.

Thank you Sarah, such good advice– it’s easy to be grumpy–but thankfulness can turn it into joy.

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