a million little pieces

Ever had a day when your mind is more easily distracted than usual?  Today, I find myself flitting from one thing to another, getting distracted, remembering to go do a quick task, then getting sidetracked with just little distractions and . . . . .   So I have a million little things I need to finish & all of which are only partially complete, hence the title to this blog, a million little pieces.  Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited time to accommodate this kind of craziness, so I need to crank down on my focus and stick to one task & finish it before I move to something else – like finishing this blog before I try to figure out why the music isn’t playing on my phone, or checking emails, FB, etc.

All of this helps me appreciate all the more when Jesus applauded Mary for the Main Thing, the main thing in Luke 10:42 🙂

Focus grasshopper, there’s lots to get done!


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Sarah, seems as if you have been reading my mail. Love to get some things but too often go off on a rabbit trail. When you were at Grace Covenant a short time ago, you stopped ministering and asked people with eye related issues to stand. I stood and did not know what to expect. To make short, my right lower eye lid has a growth, that was painful. After you prayed the pain was gone. I only realized later, still no pain. Praise you Jesus. Bill

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