A Good Future

I purposely have stayed away from watching the current political debacles, attempting to regulate my emotional inputs. Having read some of the news this morning from last nights exchange, I’m glad we had company come for dinner 🙂
With that being said, I’m choosing to pray & trust God for the future. Somewhere in the Bible, there’s lots of good stuff about trusting God more than trusting in humans. It seems to me that politics would be a healthy place to practice this so I can be more proficient with trusting God in other places. 

Not only do I want trust God better for the future, but I want to get better at trusting God for when my kids start to drive, doing some heavy lifting with Saving Moses & our nightcare work, with my new book Heavenly Help & a host of other things. 

I’m trusting God with the future because I know that God will be there when I get there ,)


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