a gift you can give that doesn’t cost money

Christmas can sometimes be an expensive holiday, depending on how you celebrate it.  Given the economy this year, along with the employment situation for many of my friends, I thought I’d suggest a gift that doesn’t require money but is thoroughly invaluable to not only the receiver but also to you the person giving the gift.  Interested to know what you can give that’s expensive but doesn’t cost money? 


See, here’s the deal:  we all have people in our lives that need our forgiveness.  Whether its the jerk that cut you off when you’re driving or the very hurtful remark someone said to you at work.  Or maybe you’ve been hurt by something your mate said to or about you without thinking of the sting it has left in you.  Maybe someone did something to you in your childhood that still affects you to this day.  The truth is, no one has to look hard for opportunities to forgive – our life is full of such opportunitites every day. 

So this Christmas, let’s give others the gift of forgiveness – to let go. 

  • Forgiveness is given when we don’t remind the person of their shortcoming. 
  • Forgiveness is given when we speak kind words without sarcasm (or do our best to be pleasant)
  • Forgiveness is given when we want what is in the offenders best interest (and not the getting even approach)
  • Forgiveness is given when we don’t have to always make the offender know that we’re forgiving them

I think that many of us don’t do the forgiveness because it takes alot of work & its much less work to not forgive, especially at the beginning of an offense.  But i’ve found that the longer i hold onto an offense, the harder it is to let it go & the more drained i become from maintaining the offense. 

So be generous this season without spending alot of money 🙂

Give the gift of forgiveness & go into the new year with greater freedom and liteness of being 🙂



Dear Sarah: I love so much to watch the video programs you and your mother produce. Your blog is interesting also. I live in Vietnam 6 months out of each year and your programs minister to me greatly. I am a retired firefighter and my wife is Vietnamese. Together we have been sharing the Good News in Vietnam since 1990. Did you know over 35,000 people gathered in Ho Chi Minh City a few days ago for a crusade and many thousands gave there hearts to Jesus. Also, later in December there is to be a large meeting in Hanoi.

My guess is both you and your mother have looked into Vietnam for possible ministry opportunities. I sure hope you will someday soon be able to do crusades in Vietnam. God is already doing wonderful work here and I am sure your ministry would be received well.

God bless you as you continue to spend yourselves for the Kingdom of God. Feel free to contact me if you like. I posted my blog site in your “Leave a Reply” section.

Merry Christmas

Stephanie Schumaker

Thank you for this reminder P. Sarah!!! I’ve really been struggling w/ some areas that I didn’t realize fully fell into this category!!! There are definitely fresh wounds here that I believe God wants me to just let go of and allow Him to heal, no matter who was right or wrong, no matter what the offense was.. Even forgiving myself..

Blessings & Merry CHRISTmas!!

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