a family saturday

fun times!  This is what we’ve done all before 11am:

  • made french toast & bacon (my personal favorite at home breakfast!)
  • cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, unloaded the dishwasher
  • moved furniture – dresser from David’s room to the basement & the guestroom dresser up to David’s room
  • haircuts for all 3 Bowling men (complete with clean up) – kept Benji’s rat tail
  • mixed up bulk pancake mix
  • kids watched 2 episodes of the Muppets (George Burns & Bernadette Peters?)
  • Reece ran 8miles

After a productive morning, we drove up to the mtns for a picnic & to see the aspens changing colors – completely spectacular.  Observe pics below:


I now go to jog 🙂



that is QUITE the productive morning.

the mtn pics are wonderful. i can’t wait to see Denver in full fall bloom when i get there next week. can’t wait to see you and your kiddos!

french toast and bacon – now you’re talkin!

love you, love you, love you, Jenn! 😉

what an amazing day!!

Don’t you love the high you get when being productive…with young children! I would love to have your bulk pancake mix recipe.

The bulk pancake recipe is just the martha stewart pancake recipe & I multiply it 4x. It makes almost a full coffee can of pancake mix – costco coffee can 😉

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