a bit of influence from sean

a list of things swimming in my head:

  1. I hope Benji likes his swim lesson today
  2. I hope Isabell & David get great teachers this fall
  3. how much of a 1st aid kit do we need for Ethiopia?
  4. I’m not ready for Wed preachin
  5. i’m tired from yesterday
  6. Mon mornings don’t rank in my top 10 favs
  7. resource management:  time, energy, money – with finite quantities, how to best maximize
  8. I really like Mark’s new song – maybe he could post the lyrics somewhere bc the tune keeps running through my mind
  9. i’m still tired
  10. Ethiopia is just around the corner – what to do next summer?  Cambodia?
  11. friends: i wonder how Jesse is doing?  what’s new w john & carol?  i liked getting to know margaret & Laef better. our church has some way cool peeps – they blow my mind
  12. judi’s volunteer idea – awesome! 
  13. I’ve got greek tonight – and i’m not ready

Ok, what swims in your brain besides brain juice?  😉


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HA! Great list!
Mark is working on the recording of his song today and we will probably both post it! YAY!

Sorry for all the exclaimation pointS!!!!

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