3 Helpful Steps for Growing

I’m firmly convinced that God has made each of us to be growing individuals and not merely in girth or width 🙂

We can grow in lots of ways that include:  emotional maturity, relationship skills, intellectual acumen, communication improvements, spiritual development, self-control enhancements, budgeting skills & heaps more!  And if I’m fully honest with you, I like myself better when I’m growing rather than when I’m stagnant.

Here are 3 helpful steps for growing & feel free to add more ideas in the comments!

  1. Always Learning:  learning new skills, exploring new topics, reading a variety of books are a few ways that we can position ourselves to be life-long learners.
  2. Permission to Make Mistakes:  mistakes and failures seem to be the complementary counterparts to growing and success.  Indeed, I think I learn more from when I fail than when I continually succeed.
  3. Rest and Run Rhythm:  When I’m always going, I get worn down & I find it harder to learn and grow because I’m tired.  On the other side, when I rest too much I get lethargic and my ability to grow and learn seems to dwindle.

Let’s be committed to grow into the person God has made us to be!  Eph 2:10 🙂


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